Core Competencies

Upon completion of the MPH@GW program, you should possess the following functional competencies: 

  • Describe biological mechanisms of major diseases causing death and disability in the U.S. and globally from a public health perspective (e.g., PubH 6001).
  • Define communities and identify and assess relevant population health needs (e.g., PubH 6007, 6500).
  • Assess the functions, capacities, management and governance of governmental, international and non-state organizations that comprise health systems. Translate scientific and program evidence to inform the development of public health programs and policies within the context of health systems (e.g., PubH 6006, 6442).
  • Apply public health theory and experiential evidence to develop and manage project, program and institutional strategies to reduce community and individual health risks to mitigate the impact of disease (e.g., PubH 6007, 6503).
  • Conduct core program evaluations and complete an assessment of program outcomes, achievements, impacts and shortcomings. Communicate findings to stakeholders (e.g., PubH 6501, 6437).
  • Apply relevant qualitative and quantitative tools and concepts to inform policy analyses for different audiences and topics (e.g., PubH 6002, 6003, 6502).
  • Develop concise written and oral policy analyses for different audiences; identify the key strategies required to protect and advance health (e.g., PubH 6006).
  • Describe how health systems performance is affected by various approaches to health care organization, health law, health workforce development and health care financing (e.g., PubH 6202, 6442).
  • Develop knowledge and skills in fundamentals of environmental health including the connection between population health and exposures to chemical, physical and biological agents in the environment (e.g., PubH 6004).
  • Develop communication campaigns and strategies to disseminate health promotion information through media channels (e.g., PubH 6570, 6503).

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