America’s Gun Violence Epidemic [Infographic]

The online Master of Public Health program (MPH@GW) in conjunction withSPHHS created an infographic in hopes of raising awareness around America’s broken mental health system and issues pertaining to gun control and violence in the United States.

50 Public Health Blogs Worth Connecting With

In healthcare, information and time are valued assets. Being able to stay abreast of — and, in some instances, anticipate — trends means more than a contribution to a fiscal …

6 Systems that Define and Shape Health Services in the U.S.

Health care is an essential aspect of life, assisting those who are injured or suffering from illnesses, as well as performing preventive care and maintenance to ensure health and longevity. …

The Truth Behind Latino Health Disparities

Significant health disparities exist within the Latino population, which is why the George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services has launched the Avance Center for the Advancement of Immigrant/Refugee Health.


The Data Behind Electronic Health Records

Computers dominate today’s society. We use them for everything from running our vehicles to staying connected with others, and their role is present in today’s health care culture as well.

MPH Student Spotlight: Christopher Hooban

Christopher Hooban hails from Woodbridge, VA with a background in the biodefense field. His passions range from connecting with colleagues across the globe to developing policies and preparedness/response guidance relevant …