Culminating Experience

PubH 6015, 2 Credits

The culminating experience (CE) offers you the opportunity to synthesize the knowledge and skills you gain in your course work and apply it to a community public health issue. You can select an issue that you explored during your practicum experience, or you can choose an entirely different public health issue. With MPH@GW, you can customize the CE to meet your unique interests and needs.

As an MPH@GW student, you must complete one of the three CE options: 

  • Critical Analysis Project. Analyze your selected issue through a full survey of published research. You may compare and contrast existing research, explore contradictions in published research, or identify trends and explore underlying factors contributing to your issue.
  • Program plan. Develop a program plan that outlines an evidence-based intervention in a public health issue. You must address all relevant components of a public health program plan, including community profile, epidemiology profile, landscape scan, cultural analysis, program intervention, and budget and evaluation plan.
  • Research Project. Conduct research using either primary or secondary data to address your chosen public health research question. You have two options for presenting the report: a full written report or a submission for publication of the research report to a public health journal of your choice.

Read about MPH@GW students’ CE projects:

Zachary Patinkin
Psychological Stress: A Key Mediator in the Relationship Between Race/Ethnicity, Socioeconomic Status, and Obesity in U.S. Adults

Radhika Natarajan
Utilizing Social Media to Help Reduce Disparities and Improve Quality of Type 2 Diabetes Care in Rural Areas of Missouri

Kendra Ferguson
Antibiotic Prescribing Practices of Healthcare Workers: Stewardship and Implications for Underserved Areas of the United States

Dan Johnson
Navajo Warrior Project: Use of Sports Nutrition Intervention in the Navajo Nation

Michael Nnamon
Improving the Riding Habits of Commercial Motorcycle and Tricycle Riders in Jos, Central Nigeria

Note: The CE consists of two 1-credit courses and is taken during your final two terms of the program. You are required to complete your core courses and complete or currently be registered for Practicum (PubH 6014) prior to enrolling in the Culminating Experience Part 1 course.

"My favorite aspect of the CE project was the actual research. I got to use my qualitative and quantitative skills in a practical setting. My CE instructor was also very helpful in answering questions regarding the project." — Radhika Natarajan

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