As an MPH@GW student, you will enroll in core public health courses (15 credits), program-specific courses (15–17 credits) and electives (9–11 credits). The total 45-credit degree program also includes a practicum (2 credits) and a culminating experience (2 credits) in which you apply your didactic education in a real-world setting. MPH@GW students also have the opportunity to take elective coursework from other online graduate programs delivered by several top-tier colleges and universities. You can learn more about cross-university courses here.

Note that MPH@GW courses are taught in 10-week modules across the calendar year (four modules per year). Each course is designed to deliver the required credit hours within the 10-week module format, with existing courses being formatted to meet this requirement.

Core Public Health Courses

You will begin your MPH@GW program by taking the core MPH courses, which focus on building expertise and understanding of essential public health principles. Full-time students should plan to take 6001 and 6003 in your first module and complete all core courses within your first three modules.

The Biologic Basis of Disease in Public Health

Biostatistical Applications for Public Health

Principles and Practice of Epidemiology

Environmental & Occupational Health in a Sustainable World

Management and Policy Approaches to Public Health

Social and Behavioral Approaches to Health

Practicum Experience

Culminating Experience

Program-Specific Courses

Following your core courses, you will complete program-specific courses that focus on individual public health concentrations.

Introduction to the US Health Services Delivery

Global Health Program Evaluation

Comparative Global Health Systems

Planning and Implementing Health Promotion Programs

Introduction to Public Health Communication and Marketing

Community Organization, Development and Advocacy

Data Management & Analysis

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